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Another Day in Paradise [Sep. 27th, 2010|03:44 pm]
Multiple Monday


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1) What is it about Fall that people absolutely adore?

2) Who is most likely to reach for a jacket the moment the air gets chilly?

3) Where do people like to go in the Fall especially?

4) Does anyone wish Summer lasted longer? Who does and why?

5) If you have an inner world, do the seasons match the outer world?

[User Picture]From: stars_and_tea
2010-09-26 08:44 pm (UTC)
  1. The colors, the clouds, the chance of rain, the weather cooling down but not too cold, apple cider and Halloween!

  2. Muse spends most her time wrapped in a hoodie anyway.

  3. Same as any other time I think...

  4. I think the kids like the days to last longer?

  5. It's hard to have seasons without a planet XD I suppose we could decorate the ship in an autumn theme though.
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