Body Snatchers

1) If someone was to run away with the body, who would other people like it to be?

2) If someone did take the body and run, where would s/he go?

3) What would s/he do in order t make money?

4) Would s/he go for a short time or a long time?

5) Why would s/he take the body and run?


1) Did anyone receive gifts during the holiday season?

2) What is the best material gift people have received?

3) What is the best non-material gift people have received?

4) What is the best gift people have ever given?

5) Is there anyone who doesn't like giving/getting gifts?

Winter Solstice

1) Does anyone keep track of the movements of the planets?

2) Does anyone follow an earth-based religion?

3) If you have religions inside, are any based on the planet, the stars, or the weather?

4) Does anyone do anything special out front to mark the longest night of the year?

5) Is there anyone who likes the nighttime better than the daytime?

Weather-Wise Either/Or

1) Given cold, do people prefer snow or sunshine?

2) Given rain, do people carry an umbrella or do without?

3) Given snow, do people put on boots or try to avoid where it's deep?

4) Given bright sun, do people wear sunglasses or do without them?

5) Given storms, do people like to watch or cuddle up inside away from windows?

The Holiday Season

1) What are the front runners favorite traditional holiday foods?

2) Do people like to go to other people's houses for holidays or do they prefer to stay at home?

3) Does anyone boycott holidays out front?

4) Do any of the front runners have traditions they invented for the holidays?

5) If people could only be out front for one holiday each year which one would they choose?

Which front runner

Which front runner:

1) would be the most likely to wear something completely out of character for the front?

2) would be the most likely to tell a stranger that the body is plural?

3) would be the least likely to watch a show about multiplicity?

4) would be least likely to want to meet another plural in person?

5) would be the most dependable if there was a crisis out front?

Days of the Week

1) Does anyone like Mondays? Why?

2) Does anyone hate Mondays? Why?

3) What are peoples favorite days of the week?

4) Do people experience time the same way inside as out front?

5) Do different people generally front on different days or is it just random or does it depend on what's going on?